Hello Fashionistas,

Here’s a confession: I love heels. I really do. But I cannot walk in them.

I know you’re probably thinking “What the hell is she talkin’ bout?” but seriously, I cannot walk in heels. I used to own a few pairs and I thought maybe with a little bit of practice, I’ll master the art…BUT NO. I JUST CAN’T. But on the bright side, I’m pretty tall and of course, there are flats!!

Flats are comfy and can be equally attractive as heels if styled properly. I recently purchased a pair of lace-up flats from ASOS because 1) I’m into lace-up flats and 2) THAT SNAKESKIN PATTERN IS SO HOT!!!


This pair costs HKD 275 (USD 38). I think that’s very reasonable although you may come across cheaper finds.

Actual Look


When I received my package, I was very pleased to see the flats look exactly as advertised on the site. The details, material, and print are all accurate! I’ve had this pair for around 5 months now and I’ve used them quite a few times, but I haven’t noticed any sign of wearing so far.

The flats aren’t as comfy as I want them to be. The soles are hard and cause the feet to become sore if you stand in them for too long. They also cause blisters the first few times you wear them.

Overall I think these pair of flats are great for the price! You can style them with almost anything and they miraculously transform a casual look into a sophisticated one. I personally would pair them with skater skirts, shorts, cuffed denim jeans and black pants. But bear in mind that these flats aren’t designed for comfort.

If you like what you see and wish to purchase yourself a pair, click here. If you’re more interested in something plain, you can check out the same pair in black.

Keep blingin’ ladies,
Your Bling Chick